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Psychology Therapy

Psychotherapy is the practice of spending time with a trained therapist to help treat mental and emotional problems.

Restoring Your Confidence

Restoring Confidence and self esteem
Majasaro interventions help to increase confidence and facilitate self-esteem

Work Improvements

Group facilitation and programs
Majasaro offers evidence based mindfulness programs and training courses for companies and health professionals


Ready to work with you in whatever distress you are experiencing, here we offer an array of affordable therapies from highly experienced psychotherapist Mark Hambrook tailored to your unique needs.

Mark specialises in resolving problems including depression, anxiety, PTSD and addictions both at their current negative impact and at their core. These conditions start from the past, very often adverse childhood events (Visit this- Study & EMDR) and re-act in the present, robbing us of the happiness and fulfilment we seek in life; Relations can be healed, trauma transformed and confusion become clarity

Benefits Of Mindfulness


Reduce physical & psychological symptoms of stress


Scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety


Enhances quality of sleep and helps with insomnia…..etc.

Our Courses

We offer a range of mindfulness and training courses


  • Greatly helps depression & anxiety

  • Promote stress resilience

  • Optimize performance

  • Improve confidence

  • Enhance creativity

  • Improve communication

Our Values

  • Using our skills and expert knowledge to empower others

  • Demonstrating that resilience is key to a successful, balanced life

  • Growing an organization that gives back to the world



Clinical Practitioner

About Me

Mark trained as a psychiatric nurse is a qualified psychotherapist and accredited practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in mindfulness.

Qualified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology and a UK & European accredited EMDR practitioner.

Mark specialists in stress management from complex post-traumatic stress disorder to work-based stress and performance enhancement.

Mark has formulated evidence-based and well received programs including; Mindfulness for Positive Well being, Mindfulness Based Recovery and Mindfulness Based Stress Resilience.

Mark has set up and has run clinical teams for the NHS and is in demand as a mental health lecturer across a wide range of clinical specialisms within the NHS.

Who We Have Worked With

We have delivered Mindfulness-based interventions to the Public Sector e.g. Police Force, the National Health Service, Schools and Higher Education institutions.

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